Beauty Therapist

Job Description

At Fleek, we're on a mission to empower women, boost confidence, and make a positive impact through brows and skin.


Why Fleek?

- Passion for Beauty: Dive into a world where you can express your passion for brows, skin, and beauty every day.

- Client Focused Approach: Thrive on serving clients, ensuring they leave feeling happy and confident.

- Continuous Growth: Embrace a culture of constant learning and personal/professional development.

- Team Spirit: Be a valued part of a positive, motivated, and friendly team environment.

- Supportive Environment: You're not alone; we care about your success and well-being.

- Greater Purpose: Contribute to something greater by making a difference in people's lives.


Position Available:

- Part-Time/Full-Time:Enjoy flexibility with commission incentives. 

- Pay from $29-$35/hr for the right Candidate depending on experience and qualifications 

- Monday-Friday Roster:Achieve work-life balance with no weekend commitments.

- 1-2 Late Nights: Balance your schedule while accommodating clients. 

- Generous Incentives: Benefit from commission incentives, cost-price products & treatments 

- Product Incentives: Access special incentives on our products.

- Experience & Education Requirements:

  - Minimum 1 Year Experience in the beauty industry

  - Certification: Hold a minimum Certificate 4 or Diploma in Beauty Therapy.


Our Ideal Talent:

- Passionate about Brows and Skin. Lash extensions would be a bonus but not necessary 

- Customer-focused mindset, always seeking ways to enhance client happiness and confidence.

- Enthusiastic about personal and professional growth.

- Team Player: Flourish in a collaborative team environment.

- Positive Energy: Bring motivation and friendly vibes to the workplace.

- Excellent Communication: Build strong connections with both the team and clients.


Ready to embark on a fulfilling career journey with Fleek? Then we would love to hear from you!  Send cover Letter & Resume to