Paediatric Physiotherapist's and Exercise Physiologist's

Job Description

Paediatric Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist, and Occupational Therapist- Rockhampton (Full time or Part time) 


Activate Health is a multidisciplinary team passionate about improving the lives of kids with special needs through our ACTIV Play functional and play based interventions. We are extremely proud of our Paediactric programs and the progress our clients have gained, these program's include individual, small group, multidisciplinary, and holiday programs. We are seeking passionate Paediatric Exercise Physiologist's, Physiotherapists, and OT's to grow our ACTIV Play programs. We also have the role of ACTIV Play - Coordinator available to the right person which includes higher responsibilities of program design, team preceptorship, contributing to business goals, and Paediatric program networking and marketing. 


Be surrounded by a passionate and experienced Allied Health team:

  • Work side by side a team of 10 AEP’s and 2 Physiotherapist's dedicated to patient centered care and best practice. With experience levels from new graduate to 15 years. 
  • Benefit from the experience of our team members with over 40 years of accumulated clinical experience, and specialisations including Paediatrics, Womens health, mental health, Diabetes, hydrotherapy, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Work as part of a unified and supportive Multidisciplinary team:

  • Activate Health is focused on continual improvement towards the needs of our communities, clients/ patients, and team members. We currently have a great team of Exercise physiologist's and Physiotherapist's with infrastructure in place to increase our Health disciplines.

Be guided with continual support, mentorship, and ongoing professional growth:

  • Participate in fortnightly multidisciplinary case conference meetings including in-house presentations, group case studies, and client collaborative sessions.
  • Work Closely within a MDT with opportunities for regular liaison and preceptorship with team members, and ongoing specialised training as requested. 

Have the tools to progress as a Health Professional: 

  • Be spoilt with a professional team of administrators to handle all administrative tasks, client operational management, and streamline your day. Along with quality processers, procedures, and referral systems in place.
  • Practice confidently within our purpose-built Health practices complete with professional consult rooms, fully equipped exercise therapy gyms, and specialised service specific equipment (including Paeds specific equipment and games).
  • Work alongside the practice manager and local owner, giving you a valued input into your role, programs, and the business.
  • The use of Activate Health practice vehicles for ‘out of practice’ services.
  •  Role and professional development progression opportunities available within our team and company, with specialised  and higher roles and duties available and created to suit client needs and practitioner expertise- in this case a Paediatric specialisation and also the ACTIV Play Co-Ordinator role.

Have fun at work and fulfil your passion for helping people! 

  • Enjoy your workdays! Activate Health values a positive team culture and strives to enhance the day of all our clientele and team members.
  • See the value in your exercise prescription and treatment with a case load of regular clients that you will enjoy working closely with and help them achieve their goals and improve quality of life.
  • Processes in place to help you work efficiently and stress-free including; designated weekly non-billable time for personal development, professional administration, and specialised or higher duties roles. Structured and calendar set billable and non-billable report time to       ensure there is no working at home or falling behind in reporting.

Work life balance!

  • We are a passionate and dynamic business constantly evolving to the needs of our community and the experience of our team members giving you some flexibility to design your work hours, clients, and caseloads.
  • We value your YOU time and will work with you ensure get the most of your work life balance. Part time, or Full time, and flexible rosters available, for example fortnightly RDO's, or start and finishing times to suit family or lifestyle needs. 


Kate Richardson (Principal AEP and Director) 

W: 0412 808 522