About Us

Founded by Tim O'Brien as part of Job Skills Network, Jobs in Central Queensland is your platform for regional jobs backed by a team of local, experienced advisors.

We're passionate about connecting you with an Even Better Living

JSN Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to build and strengthen regional communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire ‘Even Better Living’ by supporting and enabling the workforce to live, work and play regionally and helping local businesses to invest, create and build strong, vibrant communities.

Even Better Living

We love the 'Even Better Living' that is achievable in regional communities!


“I'm intensely passionate about connecting people to regional opportunities and highlighting the ‘Even Better Living’ you can achieve by being part of a regional community. Living in metro cities involves putting up with a high population density, less open space, lots of traffic, pollution and lack of fresh air, stretched infrastructure and often an exorbitant cost of living.”

- Tim O'Brien, Director of Job Skills Network


Central Queensland is our backyard and we're dedicated to contributing to the community's Even Better Living. We're not just here to watch; we're rolling up our sleeves to be involved. From social events, local sports, recreation, education and training to business networking and economic development initiatives.


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