What makes a good job advertisement?

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Competition is tighter than ever when it comes to recruiting for your business.  One of the key elements to ensuring you attract the right candidates is your recruitment advert.

Bear in mind, a well thought-out advertisement not only attracts the attention of the right candidates, it can allow candidates who aren’t suitable to self-elect out of your hiring process, saving them and you time and effort.

In addition to the basics of the advert, job title, salary, qualifications and responsibilities, your ad needs to build interest and excitement.  Ask yourself some questions about your organisation to get some ideas flowing:

  • What are you proud of about your company?
  • How would your current employees describe your company?
  • What does success look like?
  • What are your goals and how are working towards them?

Your answers to these questions will give candidates an overview of your culture, vision and values that will draw them to apply (or not). 

Giving an indication of what the successful applicant will do in the role can really help the candidate picture themselves working at your company.  This should show them what their contribution is as a valued team member and how it fits in with the big-picture goals of your organisation.  When specifying qualifications, think carefully about what is truly needed.  Asking for too many qualifications could rule out candidates who are potentially otherwise suited to your role.

Your job advert needs to clearly state the responsibilities of the job. Being specific will help you attract those who are qualified to do the role.  This is much more important than amassing a large number of un-suitable applicants. 

Remember to be succinct in your job ad and make it easy to read with short paragraphs and bullet points.  Pick out key points that are easily identified by the candidate.

Lastly, make sure you state exactly how the candidate needs to apply.  This will make your selection process much easier to manage.

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