Monthly Market Review November 2023

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Effect of Palaszczuk resignation on the jobs market

We expect to see the recent resignation of the Queensland State premier spark a ripple effect across various sectors, including the local economy and jobs market.  Firstly, there's typically a period of uncertainty as the transition of power takes place.  This uncertainty can lead to a temporary slowdown in decision-making processes within businesses, causing a cautious approach to hiring or investment.  Companies might hold off on expanding or initiating new projects until they gain clarity on the new leadership's policies and agendas.

Moreover, the State Premier holds a significant influence on economic strategies, policies, and initiatives.  A change in leadership could potentially mean a shift in economic priorities, impacting industries differently.  For instance, if the incoming premier favours certain sectors over others, there might be alterations in funding, incentives, or regulations affecting employment opportunities within those industries.

The perception of stability and confidence in the local government plays a crucial role in attracting businesses and investors.  A sudden change in leadership might create apprehension among potential investors, leading to a brief period of decreased economic activity and a cautious stance towards major financial decisions.

Having said this, it's important to note that transitions in leadership can also bring fresh perspectives and initiatives that could eventually stimulate growth.  Once the initial uncertainty settles and the new leadership's plans become clearer, businesses often adapt and resume their growth trajectories, which can positively impact the jobs market in the longer term.

Seasonal impact on employment

Now consider the convergence of a change in state leadership with the Christmas summer holiday season and it’s compounding impact on the jobs market.  The festive season traditionally sees a slowdown in business activities as people take time off for vacations, resulting in a natural dip in hiring and operational momentum across various industries.  The combination of a leadership transition and the holiday season may intensify this sluggishness, as decision-makers and key stakeholders could be even more cautious about making significant moves during this period of reduced activity.  The focus often shifts to wrapping up year-end tasks rather than initiating new ventures or aggressive hiring strategies, contributing to a temporarily slower jobs market.  However, it's important to acknowledge that this lull is often a temporary phase, and once the holiday period subsides and the new year begins, there's usually a resurgence in business activities and hiring initiatives.

CQ bucking the trend

Amidst the broader trend of a flatter job market due to the leadership transition and the holiday season, from our experience, Central Queensland is experiencing a remarkable surge in demand for staff.  Often regarded as the powerhouse of the state, our region heavily relies on big industries that drive this exceptional demand for labour.  These industries, ranging from mining and manufacturing to technological innovations and renewable energy, continue to flourish despite broader economic circumstances.

The stability and growth of these key industries have created a unique scenario where local companies are actively seeking to expand their workforce, bucking the seasonal trend.  The demand for skilled workers in sectors such as mining, engineering, and technology remains robust, with companies keen on securing talent to sustain their ongoing projects and businesses.  The region's strategic positioning as a hub for these thriving industries appears to insulate it somewhat from the typical slowdown associated with leadership transitions and holiday periods.

The increased demand for casual staff in the busier retail and hospitality sectors during the Christmas and New Year period adds to demand for skills at this time. 

Furthermore, the consistent growth and investment in infrastructure and technological advancements within our region have fostered an environment where companies are not only sustaining their operations but actively scaling up.  This growth trajectory translates into an increased need for skilled labor, creating a scenario where job opportunities are abundant, counteracting the expected seasonal sluggishness in employment.  As a result, our region stands as a beacon of resilience, showcasing how a strong industrial foundation can defy broader economic trends and generate substantial employment opportunities, even during otherwise challenging periods.

Seasonal greetings

As the year draws to a close, amidst the shifts and surges in our local job market, we want to extend warm wishes from our team at Jobs In Central Queensland for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  May this festive season bring you moments of joy and reflection, along with hope, growth, and prosperity for the new year.

Jobs In Central Queensland offer a holistic approach to your recruitment and talent attraction requirements. 

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