Monthly Market Review July 2023

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  • Some respite from interest rate rises
  • Skilled workers remain in high demand
  • Traditional industries continue to thrive whilst renewables emerge

Central Queensland's current employment landscape is a dynamic mix of resources and the transition to renewable energy sources. 

In the heart of Australia's resource-rich territory, Central Queensland stands as a dynamic hub of economic activity, with the intricate balance between traditional industries and the burgeoning transition to renewable energy.  At the moment the region finds itself at a crossroads, with both opportunities and challenges shaping its jobs and employment market.

Interest Rates and Economic Sentiment

Over the past two months, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has maintained a stable interest rate environment, offering a short period of stability to businesses and consumers, following a period of successive increases.  The question now is on the outlook for interest rates from here, with some commentators forecasting a continued period at current levels, with others including some of the major banks, predicting a couple more increases before the end of this year. 

Coal and Mining Projects

Central Queensland has long been synonymous with its coal and mining projects, and this reputation remains intact in 2023.  The region continues to buzz with activity as coal and mining projects propel the local economy forward.  The demand for coal, particularly from international markets, has contributed to steady job creation within the sector.  Skilled workers are still highly sought-after for multiple roles, ranging from engineers to machinery operators, sustaining employment levels for the local population.

Renewable Energy Transition

Simultaneously, Central Queensland is witnessing a surge in initiatives aimed at embracing renewable energy sources. As the world grapples with the imperative to reduce carbon emissions, the region has seized the opportunity to diversify its energy portfolio. The push toward renewable energy projects has sparked demand for a new set of skills, encouraging professionals to upskill or transition into sectors such as solar and wind energy. This transition, while contributing to the global sustainability agenda, also promises to generate employment opportunities and pave the way for a greener future.

Inflation and Consumer Impact

However, this period of economic activity comes with its share of challenges.  Inflation has soared over recent times and as consumer prices rise, individuals and households are grappling with the increasing cost of living, the impact is particularly felt in everyday essentials, housing, and transportation.  While the RBA's decision to keep interest rates steady has offered some respite, the pressure on consumers' purchasing power is evident.

Labor Market Dynamics

The labor market in Central Queensland is representative of the region's dichotomy between established industries and the drive toward sustainability.  Traditional sectors like mining and agriculture continue to provide a solid base of employment, underpinned by the stability of demand from both domestic and international markets. These sectors still offer stable employment opportunities for a range of skill sets, from manual labor to highly specialised roles.

Conversely, the growing momentum behind renewable energy projects has unlocked a new realm of employment potential. The transition to cleaner energy sources necessitates a skilled workforce capable of designing, implementing, and maintaining these technologies. Engineers, project managers, and technicians skilled in solar and wind technologies are in high demand.  In addition, the establishment of research and development facilities for renewable energy, further enhances the prospects for technical and scientific experts in the region.


Our region’s current jobs and employment market is a captivating interplay of tradition and transformation. The region's steadfast focus on coal and mining projects, bolstered by international demand, continues to underpin economic stability.  Simultaneously, the shift toward renewable energy sources heralds a new era of opportunities, with a burgeoning demand for skilled professionals driving innovation and sustainability.

The RBA's recent decision to maintain interest rates has provided some renewed confidence for economic growth and investment. However, the challenge of inflation cannot be overlooked, as consumers grapple with the repercussions of rising prices. Central Queensland's labor market reflects this multi-dimensional landscape, offering a blend of time-honored roles and emerging careers.

As the region navigates these challenges and opportunities, Central Queensland's ability to strike a balance between its roots in resources and its aspirations for a cleaner, more sustainable future will play a pivotal role in shaping its economic trajectory for years to come.

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