Monthly Market Review August 2023

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  • CQ a top 4 region in Queensland for jobs growth
  • Infrastructure development continues
  • Workforce shortages remain

August 2023 brought promising developments to Central Queensland's job market and economy. Jobs Queensland's release of data early in the month confirmed that the region was poised for significant growth, positioning it among the fastest-growing regions in Queensland. With a forecasted job growth rate of 11.5% over the next few years until 2025-26, the region appears set to thrive. 

Here are some of the key factors contributing to Central Queensland's current economic and employment landscape:

Job Growth and Economic Prosperity

Central Queensland has long been associated with its rich mining and resources sector. However, in recent years, the region has diversified its economic base, making it more resilient to commodity price fluctuations. The recent data from Jobs Queensland painted an optimistic picture, with an expected 11.5% job growth rate over the next few years. This growth reflects a strategic shift towards a more diversified economy, including renewable energy, tourism, and agriculture.

Unemployment rate

The latest reported unemployment rate for Central Queensland is 3.7% (June quarter) which is 17% lower than the same time last year.  This is impacted somewhat by a higher participation rate of 71.1%, compared to 67.1% a year ago.  This means that the proportion of the CQ population that is actively participating in the workforce has increased.     

Resources and Renewables

Whilst the region's reliance on the resource sector remains substantial, it's important to note that mining companies have been actively investing in automation and sustainability initiatives. These efforts have created a demand for skilled workers in areas such as automation engineering and sustainable resource management. This trend suggests that Central Queensland's resource sector is adapting to meet the challenges of the future, while still providing significant employment opportunities.

Central Queensland's potential for renewable energy generation has gained significant traction lately.  With its abundance of sunshine and wind resources, the region has become a hotspot for solar and wind energy projects.  Several major renewable energy projects have broken ground, providing jobs in construction, operation, and maintenance. These developments align with Queensland's broader commitment to clean energy, contributing to Central Queensland's job market growth.

The region's natural beauty, including stunning coastlines and national parks, has attracted a surge in tourism.  According to Jobs in Central Queensland advertising data, August saw an uptick in hospitality and tourism-related employment, ranging from hospitality to eco-tourism ventures.  As more tourists explore Central Queensland's natural wonders, local businesses and job seekers have benefitted from the influx of visitors helping to support economic growth.

Skills and Training

To capitalise on the region's growth potential, Central Queensland industry has been actively investing in education and training programs.  Local training institutions have partnered with industries to provide tailored courses and upskilling opportunities for job seekers. This proactive approach ensures that the workforce is adequately prepared for the evolving job market, enhancing employability and driving economic progress.

Regional Infrastructure

Central Queensland's economic growth has been supported by significant investments in infrastructure projects.  Current projects across the region include various road, rail, and port upgrades improving connectivity, reducing transportation bottlenecks and facilitating the movement of goods and people.  These infrastructure improvements will bolster the region's attractiveness for businesses, boosting job creation and economic prosperity.


Despite the positive outlook, Central Queensland does continue to face some challenges. The potential for job growth may be tempered by factors such as workforce shortages in specific sectors, housing supply and affordability, plus the need for sustainable development practices.  Addressing these challenges will be crucial to ensuring that the region's growth remains inclusive and sustainable.


It is a promising era for Central Queensland's job market and economy.  The data released by Jobs Queensland, forecasting an 11.5% job growth rate until 2025-26, underlines the region's potential as one of Queensland's fastest-growing areas.  Diversification into renewable energy, tourism, agriculture, and ongoing investments in skills and infrastructure have contributed to this remarkable transformation.  While challenges exist, Central Queensland's proactive approach to addressing them positions the region for continued growth and economic prosperity.  As we move forward, it will be exciting to witness how Central Queensland continues to thrive and seize the opportunities on the horizon.

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